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If a camper’s registration is cancelled, full refunds of camp fees will be issued based on the following criteria.  We do not process partial refunds.   

To request a refund, complete the "Refund Request Form" below.  To receive a full refund, the request must be submitted more than 1 week prior to the start of camp


After the more than one-week deadline, a full refund can only be processed if one of these situations exists.

  • We can replace the camper.  For example, the camper that is cancelling has identified a replacement camper or the camp session is full and has a wait list and the cancellation opens up a slot for someone on the wait list.

  • Extreme circumstances.  We cannot list every situation that might be considered as an extreme circumstance; however, they would include death of a close family member or unexpected health situation that would prevent participation at camp (broken bone, diagnosis of serious illness). 

  • Session Director authorizes.  On rare occasions, the Director may encourage a refund to be processed because of special circumstances that he may be aware of that are not identified on a refund request from a parent/guardian.

If there is more than one camper cancellation and/or camper needs to be cancelled from more than one session, a form needs to be submitted for each camper and/or each session.


Your refund request has been submitted.

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