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Full payment is required at the time of registration.  Payment can be made using a credit or debit card.


Campers are discouraged from bringing any cash since it is not needed.

  • Overnight Camp - Fee includes 6 nights of cabin space, meals, Bible class materials, t-shirt, recreational equipment, and $10 credit at the camp canteen store.

  • Day Camp - Fee includes 4 days with snacks and lunch, t-shirt, and teaching and recreational aids.

  • High School Retreat - Fee includes 3-day weekend of cabin space, meals, refreshments and teaching and recreational activities.


Campers that register online more than 1 week prior to start of camp.

  • Overnight Camp - $170

  • Day Camp - $85 

  • High School Retreat - $40



A late fee of $25 is charged when a camper is registered online less than 1 week prior to the start of camp and/or doesn't register online at all and "walks up" to register the day camp starts.

  • Overnight Camp - $170 + $25 = $195

  • Day Camp - $85 + $25 = $110

Click on "Camp Schedule" for date when late registration fee begins for every camp session.


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