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Camp Managers should not be contacted to reach a camper, schedule a special event, apply for a job, or address any questions not related to their specific roles as outlined below.  Click on the appropriate button for help.


Curtis and Pam Skelton are the Green Valley Bible Camp Managers. They live year-round at camp in the house on the hill.


It is very quiet three seasons of the year, but summer comes with a buzz of excitement and friendship fills the valley.  Summer is their favorite season. They want campers to enjoy their week and grow in their relationship with Christ while making memories that will last a lifetime.  They both know the importance of teens having rich faith developing experiences and bonding with other Christians.


Curtis is a native of Springdale, Arkansas and grew up going to GVBC.  He also served on the GVBC Board of Directors.  Curtis works on the camp facilities and grounds to make sure that campers have a safe and comfortable week to grow in the Lord.  Pam grew up going to summer camp at Wyldewood and IaNeKaMo.  Pam manages the kitchen and works to fill and fuel campers for their week at GVBC.   The Skelton’s children, Clint, William, and Bethany never missed a summer at Green Valley.


Home phone: 479-636-1385   Daytime during the camp season Curtis & Pam are not in the house to answer the phone.  Messages are returned in the evening.

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