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Message from the Board

Green Valley Bible Camp has a long history--since 1965--of positive influence on scores and scores of young people. The decisions we make as a Board are centered on ensuring that that influence continues for years to come.


Our aim is to provide a week filled with wholesome experiences both spiritual and physical. Each camp session is directed by a seasoned volunteer leader from congregations in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma that brings with him a dedicated group of Counselors and volunteer workers. Camp activities include Bible classes, devotions, singing, recreational activities, fellowship activities, personal quiet time, and of course a nightly worship service.  We accept children regardless of ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, physical appearance, religion or socio-economic background. We do not require any specific religious affiliation.


We hope you will choose the GVBC experience for your children and encourage other parents/guardians to do the same. It's likely to be a week they will never forget as described to us by many hundreds and hundreds of current and past attendees.


To all who have shared in this ministry each and everyone who has directed, counseled, volunteered, cooked meals, readied the facilities, processed paperwork, kept the website updated and the payment process functioning, given donations, reached out to kids in their community who otherwise would have no hope of attending camp, and many other contributors--we will always be grateful.

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