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Cabin Assignments



Cabin assignments are based on the criteria below listed in order of priority. This ensures that the campers benefit from leadership training and devotional studies provided by their Counselors that are geared toward their age group. An important part of the Camp’s mission involves having a positive impact on the lives of young people in a setting that encourages them to get closer to God. Historically, this cabin assignment process has proven to be a best practice.   

Criteria used for cabin assignments in order of priority:   ASK Directors

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  1. Special needs' campers.  In the event there is a camper who has special needs, cabin assignments typically are determined by the cabin that their caregiver resides in but are not limited to only that remedy.  See "Camper Safety" under the "FOR PARENTS" tab and contact the Registrar in advance to make arrangements at or 479-616-2759.

  2. Next grade and age of the camper. The next step in the cabin assignment process is to group campers based on the next grade they will enter when school starts in the Fall and the age they will be at camp. Then, we review camper requests which may or may not change their cabin assignment.  

  3. Camper requests. Camper requests usually involve a request to be in the same cabin as their friends or in the same cabin with campers that attend the same church. During the registration process if the "Camper Requests" section is completed, then that information will be utilized in the cabin assignment process if the request is within the cabin assignment guidelines. Guidelines allow for a camper’s request to be honored if 1) the requested move is no more than 1 grade and 1 age variation above or below the camper’s grade and age and 2) if cabin space is available.   Ask Directors

Campers who register late and/or Walk-ups may not be assigned to cabins according to the priorities above due to space availability.

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